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Without question, abortion can be one of the most traumatic experiences in a person’s life.  Research indicates that more than 40% of women of child-bearing age have experienced its pain. Many women hide the fact that they have had an abortion and suffer severe consequences. They carry incredible burdens while wearing smiles on their faces.

Deep healing after an abortion requires acknowledging and grieving the losses that have occurred. The Living in Color program will take time, soul searching and honesty, but all who commit to coming move through the acknowledging and grieving process and on to a healed and restored life - from the dull grays and dark blacks they have known to a life full of color they could never have imagined.

If you would like more information about Living in Color or just want to talk, please call the Pregnancy & Family Center, 970-824-5204 and ask for Vicki.  This is a safe place, and everything said at the Center is private and confidential.