All the items in our Practical Needs program are available to anyone raising infants and/or toddlers who comes to the Pregnancy & Family Center. If you need something specific, please call to make sure we have it before you come:  970-824-5204.

The Practical Needs Program has been a part of the Pregnancy & Family Center since its inception in 1984,and has always been supported by members of the community. We have always provided free diapers, wipes, formula, baby and maternity clothes, but the program has evolved over the years and now has two components, both providing free baby care items to parents, grandparents and foster parents raising infants and toddlers.


Practical Needs free items: In addition to diapers, wipes, formula and clothing we have added infant and toddler foods, other small baby care items, and age appropriate toys (for infants and toddlers and their siblings). Clients may take 5 outfits and 5 pairs of shoes or socks and one small baby item every time they come to the Center.  Due to the demand for diapers, we have set a limit of two dozen diapers per client per month for six months, then we encourage them to enroll in our Earn While You Learn Program so they can earn Baby Bucks which can be spent on diapers as often as they need them.


Practical Needs Loan Program: We loan several larger baby care items (strollers, high chairs, port-a-cribs, swings, walkers, etc.) to our clients for six months. They may sign out more than one item at a time, but if they fail to bring any item back on time, or call to request an extension, they cannot get any other items on loan until they get in touch with us regarding the item(s) they have.